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The Kings Family Centre

Gathering all Nations to Worship the King

The King’s Family Centre (TKFC) is a Bible believing Pentecostal church led by Pastor Anthony Ashaye. He has been Pastoring  the church since its inception in October 1997 when the first service was held in an estate agent’s office in Stratford East London.

TKFC  is a place where the Gospel of Jesus is preached with power, clarity and simplicity to every age group in His Lordship over every area of life irrespective of circumstance. There is a place for everyone.

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Services Times & Locations

  • Christmas Carol Service

    14th December 2018
  • TKFC Youth Ball -Sat 15th Dec 2018

    15th December 2018
  • TKFC 21st Anniversary Sunday Service

    16th December 2018
  • A Merry Christmas & A Prosperous 2019

    20th December 2018
  • Office Closure Fri 21st Dec – Tue 1st Jan 2019

    21st December 2018 to 2nd January 2019
  • TKFC Crossover Night

    31st December 2018

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